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General Rules - English

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Velox Endurance Nascar

The Velox Racing Team (VXRT) features a Trackmania Enduro event for United Forever and Nations Forever.

The event, inspired by the Nascar Endurance Champioship (NEC) and enduros performed by the Brazilian teams NVP and GRX, will be played in laps and will feature 10 stages in 10 different tracks.

Each week we will offer a different track, which will be online for 5 days, from Friday to Tuesday of the following week. Each race will last 40 minutes.

We will not have scheduled time and the tests will be individual. Classification will be done through the CPS count.

Each participant will be responsible for saving their own result. As soon as you finish the race, you will need to print of the race result and CP count. This print should be posted here in the forum or on our Facebook page until noon the day after the track ends (16:00 CET).

Important: Only the CPs from whom to send the print or photo will be validated.

Each player can run as many times as he wants or can, in order to improve his final CP count.

The stage and general standings will be made available daily on our facebook page and in this forum.


The final prize will be 50 thousand coopers for the participants, distributed as follows:

1,500 coopers per stage totaling 15,000 coopers for the 10 tracks.
- 650 coopers for the stage winner;
- 400 coopers for 2nd place of the stage;
- 250 coopers for the 3rd stage;
- 125 coopers for 4th stage;
- 75 coopers for the 5th of the stage.

15,000 coopers for the overall rating:
6000 coopers for the 1st place overall
4000 coopers for 2nd 2nd place overall
2500 coopers for 3rd place overall
1500 coopers for 4th place overall
1000 coopers for 5th place overall

20,000 coopers to be distributed equally to all players participating in the 10 stages.

There is still the possibility of increasing the prize coopers from the donation of some inactive members of the Velox Racing Team.


The dispute is free, and any player of Trackmania may participate without any registration. The participation will be validated from the sending of the screen with the final count of CPs in each step. If the player improves his CP count by the valid deadline, he can send the image of the final screen of CPs again.

Dedimania banned CPs will not be counted.


The event will be held on the freezone Velox Endurance Nascar server, available in Brazil> Midwest

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